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Welcome to our Ascended Masters MP3 Dollar Store

Every meditation/activation is only 1 dollar.

We have been working on spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening and planetary as well as cosmic ascension since 2008.

These are live recordings of our workshops starting in 2008 and upward. The meditations are guided meditations and they are between 5 to 15 min long and can assist in your own process of awakening, as well as awareness on all levels, through all dimension within our universe and beyond. These meditations are for personal use and all contain the energies and guidance of the masters that were present at the time of the meditation.

Many have asked me as to how many meditation/activations would be the limit for each day or week or even month. There is no limit, it all depends upon your own willingness, openness and awareness as to what you think you want to achieve. We have been doing sometimes 4 meditations per day for 7 days so as you can see there is no limit as to what time you want to spend on your own spiritual process of awakening.

These are all downloadable meditations in mp3 format and for personal use only.

These meditations/activations and clearings are supportive of spiritual progress as well as part of the ascension process. They allow for you to start moving more fully your own energies into higher dimensional energies. They open up the heart, the mind and the brain to start perceiving more and more from the physical and spiritual levels within each moment.

Even with all the new energies coming in it is as simple as it might seem to start raising yourself upward or inward in fact as it requires many clearings, activations to get the physical reality aligned with the spiritual reality.

We have more activation and clearings available in our Ascension Store, where you will find the activations that are needed for either planetary or cosmic ascension.  You can find our Ascension Store here

We also have our original website " The Ascended Masters World" full of information, channelings and more to give you answers as to what and how the spiritual process works and how you can achieve your highest spiritual goals in this lifetime. We also have live workshops through conference call on a weekly basis. You can find The Ascended Masters World here

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